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Stately Home Wedding Venues in Scotland

14 results

Logie Country House

2 deals
From £2,500
2 to 180

Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club


The Station Hotel

1 deal -3% Discount
From £50
15 to 1000

Gleddoch Hotel Spa & Golf

From £70
50 to 120

Arniston House

From £5,000
5 to 1000

Dunskey Estate


Inglewood House & Spa


Cameron House

From £159
50 to 250

Mar Hall Golf & Spa Resort


Kippilaw House

From £99
25 to 250

Hopetoun House

From £135


From £50
2 to 40

Newhall Estate

40 to 160

Cambo House & Estate

From £45
2 to 400

Rural Bliss

A Well-Manored Wilderness

Scotland is home to many, and a dream location to many more. Whichever side of the scale you fall on, this beautiful country has so much to offer to enhance your wedding experience. If you've ever done a quick search for images of Scotland, you're sure to have been met with photos of vast landscapes, wild greenery, and rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Well, what if you were told that nestled the seemingly-endless woodlands were beautiful and architecturally magnificent stately homes and manors where you can tie the knot? If you want to learn more, then look no further.

An Elegant Affair

Scotland is home to many grand estates, some of which are available to host your big day. Sitting on sprawling land, you can enjoy sunny days outside or take shelter in the elegant indoors. Thanks to Scottish laws, your can exchange vows and officiate your marriage in any setting in the country, including on the manicured lawns of one of these elegant properties. Welcome many (or few) guests to join you in a sophisticated celebration or intimate gathering in the tranquil Scottish countryside, getting a taste of the luxurious lifestyles of past dwellers.

A Brief History

Along with stately homes, there are countless manors dotted throughout the Scottish countryside, each unique in its own way. Some of these incredible constructions date back to the early 1100's, with many more being built throughout the following centuries. Take a step into these fascinating time capsules and forget your place in time, simply celebrating the beauty surrounding you. The most common architectural style you'll come across is from the 19th century Gothic Revival, characterized by pointed arches, and flying buttresses among other features.

Wherever you choose to celebrate, the Scottish countryside presents an incredible backdrop to your special day.

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