Meditate: wake up every morning and give yourself 20 minutes to calm your mind, clear your thoughts. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Doing this everyday will get easier and easier and you will get deeper and deeper. Practice makes perfect! Thoughts will come but just let them go and everyday less and less thoughts will come through. You will eventually get downloads from your innerbeing and it will be intuitive feelings

Awareness: being aware of your thoughts is when you start to realize you are not your thoughts. You are separate from them. Your thoughts come from the outside. Once we are aware we start to look within. We release negative thoughts and start to focus on the positive, that of what we truly are. Pure positive energy!

Presence: staying present will help you live in the moment so you can stay focused on the now. The past and the future do not exsist and once we understand this we are free. You will stop worrying and making yourself sick over things that don't even exsist.

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