Are you an Empath?

An empath is someone who would be considered a highly sensitive person. They feel deeply and can sense and pick up other people's emotions. This can be very difficult as a child because children that are empaths are extremely sensitive and they don't know how to express their emotions yet. They can feel very insecure, and most will put a lot of pressure on themselves because they want to avoid anyone being upset or angry with them. This makes most empaths people pleasers. Which they carry with them into adulthood and can become overwhelmed because they can't say no to people. Most empaths, in fact, any that I have met in my life are very intuitive, they know when people are upset or in a bad mood. This is sometimes a burden to carry through your life unless you know how to protect yourself and your energy. Then you can use your gift to your benefit. Most empaths always feel like someone is angry or upset with them so they tend to be perfectionists. They can be extremists, they can be an all or nothing person. Meaning, if they can't be the best they tend to give up and give no effort at all. Empaths always get stuck in the middle of conflict and sometimes feel like they are being two faced but they just want to keep the peace because they don't want anyone to be angry with them so it's sometimes easier to agree with both sides. Empaths tend to have anxiety and suffer from depression.

There are a lot of amazing qualities about intuitive empaths, they have the ability to see the good in everyone, even people that aren't so kind. You also know if someone is being genuine, you tend to connect with only people that are similar to yourself and keep your group of friends small because you don't have time for drama. I believe this can be a super power if we learn to work with this gift! An intuitive empath can bring the best out in a person and use their gift to connect with others! They want to keep the peace so they try to make people smile with their positive, kind nature. If they learn to work with their gift they can change a whole room with their positive energy! I always used the example of a chameleon, they can adapt to almost any situation, this can take a lot of energy from them when it's something or someone negative. Learning to work with your energy is very important and can change your life completely!

I could go on even more, but let me know your input and experiences with being an empath? What challenges have you faced? Can you relate to any of these qualities or maybe know someone that can?

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