Being Grateful 

We all have days where we feel like the world is out to get us. The house is a mess, your stuck at work late, wash is over flowing. It seems like life just keeps coming at you. I learned when these moments happen to me I try everything to keep myself aligned, pull out all the tricks to staying calm. Everything in life wants a reaction out of you, a messy house is no different then the person cutting you off while driving. After days like this I try to come home and sit in my room, even if I only get 10 minutes to myself and close my eyes, this way I don't stray to far from myself. Do not let anything outside of you get the best of you. Start saying positive affirmations, I have a great home, I have wonderful kids, my kids are helpful (even if there not) I have a great life. These affirmations work so well!!! I always say it's the universe testing me, knowing how far I've come, making sure I stay on track. Things will start to change in your life when you start being grateful for what you do have.

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