I used to hold back my tears, I was told crying means you're weak, or a baby. My heart knew this was not true!

Since I’ve raised my vibration, I feel so much lighter and free, but it wasn’t always easy letting go of these habits and patterns. I was determined to become the master of my emotions and the controller of my life. Some habits were easier than others, but the bigger ones, you knew they would be a little more challenging. We hold onto some of those deeper ones even while we are raising our vibration.

When we finally let some deep seeded emotion go, there can be a moment of breaking down, letting the tears flow, down right sobbing! After this happens, I have had MAJOR breakthroughs in my life. I feel so empowered after letting go of something I've been afraid to let go of.

Remember to dive right into this, feel it, do not hold back from it. It will become clearer to you in that moment. Our heart opens up when we are feeling so deeply, it's the perfect time to express it, let it go and become the better version of YOU!

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