Everything in the Universe has an opposite, up-down, left-right, good-bad, happy-sad. This is why NEGATIVE EMOTION is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yes we want to focus on being POSITIVE. Remember our true nature is LOVE, but having NEGATIVE EMOTIONS is part of being human. It's how we REACT to that NEGATIVE EMOTION is what will make the difference.

If you are using the Inner MAP, awareness, presence and meditation consistently then you are seeing that these lower energies do not last as long and you are aware of them now, knowing that it does not have the control it once did over you, this is you taking your POWER back.

The key is to not give any extra emotion into this lower energy, just tell yourself, ok I feel this way, I’ll ride it out until it dissipates and it will go away so much quicker when you accept it for what it is, not feeding into the emotion.

Negative emotion keeps us on our path, it reminds us to stay focused on our dreams and reminds us that we are human. Do not fight it, or use will power to shift it. Just accept it and watch how quick it fades away!

So accept that where there is POSITIVE there is NEGATIVE, but also learn to act upon the positive and ride with it. When you get a negative emotion, accept it but do not feed it, don’t ride with it, just ride it out…….

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