Cutting energy cords while we grow

As we are transforming our lives we may need to cut energy cords with some of the people in our lives. This doesn’t mean they are out of our lives for good, but temporarily they may have to be in order for us to grow. In the beginning it is easy to give your energy away to these low energies. Our vibrations are not always high enough yet to be able to either bring them out of their low vibration or block them from getting into your energy field, which means you are not able to let it go so easily yet! So while you're on this journey to change, cut those cords. It's time to focus on you. In time, you will be able to forgive and let go.

I had to do this with my Father when he was alive. I chose to cut him from my life when I was young. When he passed away I held on to so much hate and when I started my journey to healing I knew that I had to forgive him. I meditated on this and I was able to not only forgive him but tell him I loved him. I had such a warmth come over my body, it was like an energetic hug from my Father, I cried and moved on. I do not look at him the same anymore. I have so much sympathy for him and I know now he did the best he could in his lifetime!

These milestones are huge for our growth! We need to do what is best for us in that moment, as long as you're doing the inner work and listening to your heart, you will know what the best decision is for you at that time! This is a journey of growth, and everyday as long as you're doing the work, you are building your energies up, you may not see it now but you will look back one day and be amazed at your progress, be patient, and be kind to yourself! Remember to tell yourself “You are worth it"

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