Eliminate the negative thoughts 

Once we get to a place where we are becoming more present and aware of our thoughts, we start to think to create our future. We let go of thoughts that don’t serve us anymore. This goes with staying away from a lot of negativity in your life. Things are a lot more clear to you, those negative energies fade from your life and you learn very quickly to block them out and ignore them. If your at a family function or at work and someone might be having a confrontation with another, you will ignore it, step away, or observe it and realize that this is not who you are anymore. Someone or something may surprise you in that confrontation and be able to turn it around and stop it. I've watched this happen in my presence and it was very satisfying. We are used to reacting a certain way. We need to learn not to let anyone or anything give us these reactions. Catch these moments and you will stop it before it happens. If it someone that does this often, they will either fade out of your life or start to change with you! So yes, we will still think, we are human, but you will be aware of your thoughts now, and in time your thoughts will be your creation for a better future!

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