Find something positive to focus on, you can do it!!!

Staying in alignment is hard when your thoughts run off into negativity. We don’t even realize we do this but when you're feeling bad, down or depressed it’s because of thoughts. Someone may have said something that rubbed you the wrong the way and instead of moving on from it right in that moment you let your thoughts run off into feeling bad for yourself. This is when you need to learn to stay present, get still. This takes practice but just keep telling yourself that nothing outside of me will lower my vibration! You spent too much work on yourself to let anything take you out of alignment. Focus on something positive, everyone can find something! We need to learn to become the master of our own mind. If we let something outside of us hurt us, we are letting it have control over our well being and our future! We create our future and in order to manifest abundance into our lives we need to reach that frequency. In order to do that we need to work on ourselves, we need to stay away from the negative and align with the positive! Why do we feel better when we are positive and filled with joy? It’s because that is our true nature and when we feel down or sad, we are not aligned to who we are. So practice being who you truly are! Take control of your life and stop letting anything or anyone control you and how you feel!

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