Cure your anxiety, add, adhd, depression, addictions and many more! 

When you start to meditate and rewire your brain, you will no longer suffer from anxieties. Most anxieties are linked to thoughts, those thoughts lead to worry. It's due to negative emotion, and worrying about something that's out of our control, all this leads to anxieties and sometimes even depression. Studies have proven that meditation can cure these "condition's". It cured my anxiety, I would always get nervous and embarrassed in some situations. This doesn't happen to me anymore. I catch it before it gets to that point and I'm more focused on the present moment. I use to get very sweaty palms from bad nerves and that just recently went away. I've become a completely new person. I wish we could teach meditation, awareness of thoughts and being present to our children in schools. What an amazing tool for so many children that suffer with anxiety! I would of benefited so much from this as a child!

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