Getting out of the program your in!!!!

People have no clue that they are in a program, because they have adapted so well to this program. It's safe there, and it's familiar. What is the program you may wonder? Well it's the everyday routine of life, it's the reactions you give to the news and social media, it's the frustration you get when someone at work is in a bad mood or someone cuts you off while driving. It's the “I'll start my diet Monday” program. As humans, most of us lose ourselves due to this program.

At the core of who we are is positive energy and unconditional love. The world outside of us sucked us into the program and we just played the role! It's not our fault, it's not even our parents or parents, parents fault. It's society's fault for being so greedy. They took our true nature away from us. Made some of us into angry, negative, victims! This is the reason people suffer, suffer from anxiety, depression and panic attacks, suffer from being happy and unfulfilled! This program will keep repeating itself if we don’t step up and make a change! My passion is to help people who may feel this way. I want to give them the steps to get out of this program.

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