Getting rid of anxiety and finding balance in your life

That feeling you get in your gut, when your head is pounding because of the million things you have to do. Did you ever find out that you grind your teeth at night? You wake up feeling tension in your jaw and face. This is all due to stress and this stress leads to anxiety. How do we eliminate this from our lives? We learn to stay present and in the moment!! Being present is what keeps us from getting to this point of anxiety. How do we learn to stay present? We have to first start by being aware! Once you're aware that your thoughts are what lead to these anxieties, your on the road to recovery from yourself.

Negative thoughts make you worry about the past and the future. I have wash to do, the future. I have to get ready for this party, the future. Why was he angry with me, the past. We need to practice staying present. All of these worries are useless and it's a bad habit to expect the worst. You know deep down that the wash will get done, but you choose to worry about it because it's a habit to worry about it, your brain is wired this way, this goes for so many things in our daily lives. Training the brain to stay present definitely takes practice, but it is so worth the effort! Your basically breaking the habit of being yourself. Learning to think more positively, I know the wash is going to get done. I always get it done. Getting back to those affirmations is a great technique. Always staying positive in these situations will make the difference.

I will never pretend that I don't react still or have moments of weakness, but I try to stay away from making it seem like a negative thing, I look at it as I save my reactions for when it matters. If I didn't have setbacks, I wouldn't be a human! I am human but I always choose to work on myself, I am not perfect but I definitely have improved my well being by practicing these techniques. Your life will dramatically improve! When I choose to react to my kids, they know it's serious. If your react over everything people will not take you as serious, you'll just be a hot head. Someone that loses there patience way to easily!

I will say that after I started practicing these techniques I never get anxiety much anymore, its extremely rare if something bothers me. I can say I have always been somewhat easy going but I never had much patience and now I have way more patience. I did always get anxious and worried about nonsense, I would stay up all night at times worrying about something that sometimes wouldn't even happen the way I portrayed it in my mind. I let so much of this way of thinking go now that i have been on this journey. After working within I am now learning to balance the outside and inside worlds. Life is definitely a balance! Let go of those anxieties, they make us physically ill! They lower our vibration. When you find yourself thinking negativity, when your child is not behaving, when your day is just not going the way you wanted it to, take a deep breath or two, stay present, don’t react and let it go! Nothing is worth your sanity and good health!

Life is a balance in so many ways. As were doing the inner work on ourselves, thinking positive thoughts, staying present and taking time to look within ourselves, we also need to take time to arrange a healthy routine in our daily life, the more I did the work within, the less I worried about the outside world, which was a good thing to me because I was always worrying about what people thought of me and I was always trying to be perfect, with my home being clean, wash being done, etc.. The more I did the inner work, the more I realize I start to pick up healthier habits on the outside but not for gratification from the outside, but for myself to feel at peace and if I didn't accomplish that goal that I have set for myself that day, it was ok. This is what it's like to be in flow. You just go with the flow. So in beginning focus on yourself and getting yourself to that good place on the inside, then in time the outside world will follow suit. This is what balance is. We all need balance!


Science has proof that our DNA tightens when we are stressed out and thinking negative!

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