Have faith that it will work out!

We tend to say things like "I'm hitting a roadblock" or "I've come to a dead end". This is all part of those conditions we tell ourselves over and over again. If I can offer any advice that could help someone that is experiencing this or has experienced this, it would be to let those old beliefs go. Stop looking at it that way, if you keep telling yourself these things you will stay right there at the dead end. When all along you could've just walked away, came back later and seen that the roadblock was never there in the first place. Transform those old beliefs into something more positive, tell yourself it always works out, or there is a solution to every problem! We believe what we want to believe. We create the life we want to live. You need to keep moving forward. We tend to give up so quickly, and then we continue to tell ourselves those negative things like I'll never be able to figure this out or this is way too hard for me. These words are all untrue and they keep you in a victim mentality. Sometimes we need to just walk away for a little bit. Take a break, and let it work itself out, remember to be patient. Tell yourself that you will get back to this later, your just going to take a break. This can go for anything in life. Things like, starting a diet, a new career, something just as simple as cleaning your house. Sometimes we just need to walk away and come back to it when were in alignment with ourselves. Nothing good comes out of force, just stress and unfinished business. Take a few deep breaths and come back to it when you feel better!

I am going to list a few steps that help me get through these so called “bumps in the road”:

  1. Walk away from it, as soon as it becomes forced, walk away until it pulls you back in.

  2. Take a few deep breaths, breathing work is amazing for clearing the mind, sometimes it's just that simple.

  3. Ask for help, you would be amazed at what a little help can do for you, sometimes it solves the problem.

  4. Never give up, sometimes you just need to have faith, if it's something you're passionate about, I promise you, you will find a solution!

  5. Positive self talk, I wish everyone would do this more often because it can change the way you look at life when you believe in yourself! In the end you can do anything you want to, do not let anyone tell you any different. Don’t be a victim of your environment!

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