Holidays are a bit different 

When you begin to practice this new lifestyle you will not need the Holidays to give you that temporary high. They would make you feel good for a bit and then reality would hit and the low would come back. You become balanced and you don't need anything from outside to make you feel good. These moments of discord in your life start to fade and overtime you will be able to catch those moments when they start to come to the surface. You will be able to look at them and dissect them. Why am I feeling this way? Then you can simply get back to the present moment or direct your attention to something positive. Another thing I learned was to turn to that lower energy emotion and ask what can I learn from this feeling? How and why did I get to this point? Thinking too much and not staying present are usually the reasons, or an old habit trying to resurface itself. Just rest or meditate on it. These moments come less and less and they are different now. They are a lower energy of the past. Everyday you become more aware of who you are and these energies fade away!! Keep practicing staying focused on the present moment!!

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