How many times did you say "I'll start tomorrow"

Did you ever listen to a motivational speech on changing your life, and get so pumped by the speech that you couldn't wait to start planning your new life! As this person is talking, you're already going down the list of new things you're going to start doing to change your life. "I'm going to apply to college", "I'm going to start that diet", "I'm going to stand up to that person ", "I'm going to write a book". Only to wake up the next day and say, that's just too hard, or I'll look into it next week! We all have been there and truthfully it SUCKS!! It's just another trip down the rabbit hole, another trick to this society's way of keeping us a victim to our reality. The program wins again!! The only way you are going to be able to break through this program is by rewiring the brain. You need to dig deep and release all the conditions that the environment has placed on you. You also need to be consistent, this is a new way of living but you are in control of this new life. Don't keep getting sucked back in to old patterns and behaviors! Take the time for yourself, you are worth it! The Inner MAP is a start to your new life!


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