We all have intuition, we are born with it. We just forget to listen to it sometimes. Some of us look at our lives and ask how did we get here? The definition of intuition is as simple as just knowing. It's when you have that gut feeling about something. When you go on a job interview and you just know this isn't going to work out, then sure enough you take the job and a month later it doesn't work out. I believe we are always being guided to the right path, we just sometimes ignore it or don't listen to our inner guidance. Slow down and pay attention to the signs, they are always there, life just gets to busy and we forget to look. When making a decision that's important to you, take a minute and listen, you will know the answer almost right away. If you make the wrong decision, don't worry your intuition will still be there sending you signs your off track! One of the ways to develop your intuition is to quiet the mind and listen!

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