It's not about being positive all the time, it's about choosing not to be negative!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

As I navigate through life things really start to become clearer to me. The more I practice better habits and the more I go with the flow, I notice the world around me changing. I find myself being ignorant to ignorance. If someone is being difficult or negative in any situation in my life I'm learning to look the other way and find something more joyful. The more I do this the less of it I see. The more this happens the more I understand how this law of attraction really works. When you continue to look away from the negativity and turn to something more positive, more positive will come towards you. You will soon not have to look the other way anymore. This is a practice and the more we are aware of this the more we change. You have to choose to be happy! You have to choose to look the other way. Why is it that one person can gossip all day with someone but then turn around and talk to someone else and not gossip at all? It’s because they don’t calibrate at that frequency. I also believe that the more positive we bring into our lives the more abundance will come with that.

People will always ask, then how do I deal with a difficult person at work, home or family? It’s really simple, but it takes consistency and dedication with some people. Kill them with kindness, until they get that you will not fall into their negative trap and walk away and find something to keep you in a positive state. We don’t realize all the programs were in sometimes, we are so conditioned. Once you become aware of this you will see that you might be positive all day at work but then come home and complain. Being aware of your thoughts is one thing but being aware of your mood is just as important. This is part of training your brain!

I know people think that there is no way to always be positive but this is not true. It is also not about always being positive, it's about choosing not to be negative. If someone is gossiping about someone you don’t have to say she is a wonderful person, you just have to walk away or say yeah she is just that way. I also want people to understand that this is not just about always super happy all the time. It is about being a good person and doing the right thing to make this world a better place for us and our future. It's about becoming the best you possible. We don’t need any more hatred in this world. The bonus of living this lifestyle, which to me is who we really are deep down, is that you can start manifesting amazing things into your life! Amazing things will start to happen to you and life starts working for you, not against you! You just need to believe in the power you have within. I always knew we were way more powerful than we thought. Overtime we just got conditioned from our environment and the outside world controlled us. Find yourself again! There is no better time to do this then now! Take 10 minutes or more everyday, close your eyes, go to that space within, quiet your mind. Do this everyday and stick with it. You will see dramatic changes in your life! The conditions will evaporate from your life and in time you will find out who you truly are!

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