Be kind

We are always judging others. It's such a habit that we don't even realize it anymore. It just spews out of our mouths, we can't even help ourselves. Why do we do it so often? Insecurity, jealousy, or just bad habits we picked up. It doesn't matter why we do it, once we understand that allowing anything negative to come out of your mouth at all is slowing down your growth from becoming a better person. We need to train ourselves to catch these moments before they are about to happen. You will be amazed at how much we do this once we start being aware of it. Negativity is killing our earth. What we say, we believe. What we believe is what we become. So if were saying she is mean, then we are saying we are mean. We are mean, because were saying she is mean. It's really that simple. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!! Better yet, say something nice!

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