Learning to love everyone no matter what keeps you in flow and raises your vibration

There is always that someone that totally rubs you the wrong the way!! We all have that someone in our lives that tests our every mood.

If we can learn to find the good in that person. We soon understand that it is not their fault, we understand that they are still in a program and the only way to keep OURSELVES out of the program, is to love them! No matter what. When we do that, we are helping them as well!

Like attracts like, so when we teach others that we will love them no matter what, the only thing for them to do is to love you back. It's just the way it works!

This will also raise your vibration, and keep you in flow. We don't want anyone or anything to get us out of flow.

When you love others, no matter what, you bring the good out in them, and your heart will grow, test this on someone that might be a challenge in your life!

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