Normalize Meditation

When people first hear the word meditation most people think to themselves “that's weird” trust me I was guilty of this, it goes back to the judgement of everyday life! We are quick to judge something we don’t even know about, we only see pictures of it and look at it as something foriegn to us. That's why I want to get more into meditation and explain it in a way that people can understand it more and also to normalize it for people. Most of us meditate and don’t even realize we do it!

The actual definition of meditation is just mental exercise. There are many ways we can do this throughout the day. We all do what works best for us! I for one, did not have much time in my day to sit with legs crossed in quiet for 2 hours! In the beginning I would do it on my 30 minute drive to work, by focusing on the road and just doing regular breathing. Everyday I would train to clear my mind. This is a good way to start because everyone knows how people cutting in front of you can be so stressful, this is a good exercise to practice and not allow anything from the outside to bother you. Another way to meditate is to come home and just lay down, or sit with your eyes closed for 10-20 minutes. Clear your mind of all thoughts. This is really what meditation is, going within, ignoring everything else around you. Some people will even say exercising is a form of meditation, your in the zone and nothing from outside can affect you.

Once you find what works for you when it comes to meditation, you will soon realize that all it really is, is mental exercise of eliminating thoughts and connecting to yourself. I believe that we all owe this to ourselves everyday. If you truly can’t seem to find time in your day, get a bath! I know life is busy, I'm right in the mix of it, but finding 10 minutes a day for yourself should be a priority. In time you will be able to turn that left brain off at anytime and get into a relaxed state while cleaning your house or doing wash. One more way that ANYONE can do this is to meditate before you go to bed and this one is great for many reasons and the one I use the most. Normally we lay down after a long day and think of all the 1 million things we didn't do and have to do tomorrow and going forward. Meditating before you fall asleep helps you to think more about the present moment, eliminating all those thoughts and then in time you will find that your fast asleep. This also helps for when you get up in the middle of the night! I sleep so well now!

Find what works best for you, find your own technique and share it! This is the start of the process of shedding the ego and finding out who you really are! Trust me when I say this is worth the time to do for yourself. It's about finding happiness within when the world around you seems chaotic! This will change your life forever!

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