Powerful minds

Im sure you've done this before, but do you remember when you would say "I hope I don't catch the stomach bug from Jim!!" Then you would shortly say afterwards "now I'm going to get it because I just jinxed myself". Most of the time you would actually get it. Did you ever use your kids for a lie, I'm guilty of this one. I would say I'm not going to make something because my kid was sick and then literally the day after my kid would get sick. Why does this happen? It's the power of the mind! We don't even know or understand the power of our mind. We were not taught this in school. The reason your kid got sick the next day is because deep in your subconscious you made your kid sick for an excuse, so in a way your telling a story and it's coming true, somewhere in your mind you believe your kid is sick. Once you tap into this intelligence you can control it. So you will be able to start saying I never get sick and your mind and body will start to believe those words because your now saying them with power and no doubt that you never get sick. You will never get that flu or stomach bug anymore. Trust me when I say this, it's hard to believe but it's so true! The power of our subconscious mind is so unbelievable but you need to trust and believe it! It's our creative mind, it's what makes us able to create our future. This is why positive affirmations work so well. You should tell yourself everyday how amazing you are, tell yourself everything you may think your not and trust me in time you will become it! If you want to be confident, tell yourself everyday your confident! Try this and watch the change in your in life!

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