Powerful tools to loving Yourself, because at the core of who you are is love!

So many of us have been hurt, so many of us feel damaged from our past. It's easy for me to say stop being a victim when sometimes letting go of your past means forgiving a mother, father, brother, sister, or friend that can't accept what they did to you in the past. Especially when this person is still in your life. These people that hurt you are damaged, we are all damaged in a way from our past. We all hold onto to things that don't serve us, we need to let these things go in order to become whole again. This is why self love is so important. Coming to a place where you truly let go of all this hurt from your past. You can do it! You need to commit yourself to yourself. In the end, all you got is yourself and you should always be #1. Make it a goal to look at yourself in the mirror everyday, tell yourself "I love you and you are amazing".

I am the most practical person you will ever meet so I completely understand how this sounds strange. If someone told me to do this in the past I would laugh and tell all my friends what this person told me to do, but this is powerful stuff, and it works!!!! Do this for a month or as long as you need, I promise in time you will not have to say it anymore but you will become empowered by this! Along with doing this, write down whatever hurt you in the past, whatever comes to your mind and forgive every one of those things you write down, whoever the person was that did it to you, you can even say it to yourself, cry it out, and then say the words I forgive you. If you decide to write it down, do not look at this paper ever again, RIP it, burn it, flush it down the toilet. Continue saying the "I love you, your amazing in the mirror", say it a few times then go about your day. As you continue your day at times of quiet continue telling yourself this. Before you go to bed say it again. While in your bed, close your eyes and go within the dark space in your mind. Tell yourself "I love you, you are amazing". Tears may flow during this process, for some of you never heard these words in your live. Do this for one month. Believe it, feel it, and you will find a new respect for yourself, give it a month. Walk with your head held high! You are worth it, you are amazing, you are loved!

Something that always helped me from moving on from my past was telling myself that they didn't know any better. They were taught these behaviors or maybe they were hurt in the past and did not know how to break the cycle. I would say to them in my mind that I still love you, I forgive you, you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. I would cry and then let it go. This was so powerful to me. Then I could move on, that is the past and I knew the only way to grow is to let go. Close your eyes and give the child you once were a hug. Hug them so tight, tell them you are loved and you are an amazing human being. Repeat this for as long as it takes to let that child inside you that never healed from the hurt. Then tell that child you are always loved and this will not go on any longer. This is a powerful tool to self love. Just give it a try and remember you are loved and you are amazing!

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