Reacting to your environment will slow down your progress to change

Yes, doing Inner work is a start to changing your life, but we can do the inner work, and then start out the day by going right back to old habits. This is a practice, especially in the beginning. I know because I would do these things in the beginning. I would meditate, be aware of my thoughts, start thinking more positive, get in the present moment. Then, my kid wouldn't be able to find their coat and their ride was waiting outside to pick them up, and I would lose it! Or I would get to work and someone would walk in from a bad morning themselves and it would bring me right down also. Then we were stuck in this pattern all day.

This is where reaction is so important and I believe it's part of the practice. Be aware of how you're reacting to the world around you. Keep your calm no matter what, walk away from scenarios that will hurt your progress. This is the old program and if you want to get out of it and be happy, you need to step away from the negative lower vibrations! I noticed very quickly that the less I reacted the less these things would happen or continue!

Trust me, when you start doing this consistently, you will see a difference in your life! Anyone can give you the tools to change your life, but it's up to the person to use them and want to change! You need to have the desire to want to change your life!

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