Send Compassion and Love out to Everyone, the Universe will take care of it from there

This universe is a vibration, you are a vibration. Vibrations go from high to low and somewhere in between. We also attract what we send out to the universe, so if we are low, down, angry or sad that is what we are sending to the universe and what we send out always comes back to us. We need to learn to get to that higher vibration of love and compassion. We need to send this out no matter what is in front of us. This can be hard in our world, but when we do the work on ourselves this gets easier. This may mean forgiving people that may have hurt you or still hurt you. This may mean you have to let go of a lot in your life today. I can promise you will see changes in your life when your vibration becomes higher. More positive things will start coming into your life.

We all know not everyone is kind, you may be in the checkout line at a store and the cashier may be having a bad day. She may be rude to you, what you should do in these scenarios is to send out love to them, be kind. You can even say I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Keep up that vibration, do not let anyone or anything outside of yourself drop your vibration. Your kindness can change this person's day. We are always going to be challenged by the outside world but the more we learn to stay positive and to go within, the more whole we become. Yes you are doing this to be kind to this other person who may be having a bad day, week or year but most of all you are doing this for yourself! This will come back to you, it's the only way. It's the laws of the universe!

We need to start teaching this to kids in every school. This should be a part of their routine every morning in school, we need to be examples as parents and teachers. We could prevent so much hurt and sadness in the world. We could prevent anxiety, bullying, suicide and so much more. We all know kids can be cruel to each other and there is nothing that hurts more to a parent then to see your child hurting from a bully at school. Most people teach their children that if someone is mean to you, you should be mean right back. I do not believe in this, this is a negative spiral that just leads to more anger and more negativity. I tell my children to walk away, pretend you do not care. It doesn’t affect you, shield yourself. Then in your heart send sympathy to this person and love. This may seem like something people do not agree with but it's because we were taught to stand up for ourselves and if someone hits you, you hit them back or hit them harder, but this does teach anything, it just keeps our vibration low. Standing up for yourself, your best self is to walk away and send them compassion. All you can hope, is that one day this person will wake up and realize they were a bully and maybe even apologize. If you want to better your life these are the steps you need to take. Yes words can hurt but if you send love back to someone your heart is growing and more positivity will come back to you, as for that person more negativity will keep coming there way, or by sending them love and compassion, you could be changing them, just remember it's out of your hands, leave it up to the universe!!!

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