Stay away from the news and social media

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Once I started on this journey I noticed I was distancing myself from social media and television. You don't want any negative energy affecting your progress and you just are not interested anymore. The drama that is on social media doesn't appease you anymore. When I would watch the news I would start to see that all they put out there is negativity and sadness. Yes, some of these things are still going on in the world but why should we cloud our minds with them and condition ourselves to be sad, worried and sick about things that are out of our control. I really wish they would put a positive news station on TV. Something where there is only things of a positive nature out there. The more positive, the more people will want to be positive, and that's how you change things, by continuing to put out negativity your only making people spread that. It contaminates the mind! Same with social media, the he said she said, and anger that is spread. Then we start to gossip and one thing leads to the next. It's ok to check your Facebook and watch TV but don't consume yourself with it and most of all don't let it affect you. Don't let it get a reaction out of you!! We want to keep ourselves at higher vibration so we can start manifesting amazing things into our lives!! News and social media are of lower vibrations!

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