Staying in low vibrations will keep you in the program!

We all know what feels right and what feels wrong. Our intuition kicks in when we are gossiping about someone or judging someone. We know deep down this doesn’t feel right. We let those little things pile up and make us angry. We manipulate and get manipulated by others to get what we want. This is all of a low vibration frequency, or a more practical way of saying it, would be negative behaviors. The same goes for letting our outside world affect us. These lower vibration frequencies will keep you stuck in that up and down emotional rollercoaster of life or what I like to call the program or zombi mode! Yes you will still have days where you feel down about something, especially while going through this transformation but everyday gets less and less and the difference is that you are AWARE now. You are aware of this negative emotion and soon you will be able to catch it before it manifests into something greater! I’ve learned so many tricks and tips to keep me out of these lower vibrations along my journey and today they are very far and few between, and I feel like the positive completely outweighs the negative by miles. Once you're out of the program, you don’t look at life the same, you're not the victim of this world anymore, you are the master of your future!

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