Stop Reacting to the World around you

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

As I continue on this journey to improving my life I realized how much we all let things and people outside of us affect us. If a boss or co worker does something that irritates us we react in anger, if our kids are taking too long getting ready and were almost late for school we start to scream and yell. Once I was aware of this I took it upon myself to change the way I reacted to these situations. I would stay calm in these moments. No matter how bad it got. It taught me so much about energy and how we give so much of ours when we react out of anger. I would say calmly to my kids, your going to be late and you will have to learn from it. If a co worker was giving me a hard time, I would become very still and keep my energy stable and not let the mood of that person affect mine. You need to learn to catch these moments before it's too late. This gets easier and easier and trust me when I say it will change your life! I started looking forward to these moments because I have total control over them now and it excited me that I was able to not let it change my mood. This is what it means to work on yourself from the inside out.

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