Stop telling yourself you have Bad Luck!! 

Whatever you tell yourself, you will become. You need to switch these beliefs and turn them into positive affirmations. Tell yourself your lucky, tell yourself your confident, tell yourself your smart, athletic and friendly. You are what you think so make sure your telling yourself positive things. If the universe responds on vibrations then you need to change your negative habits to positive habits. Get yourself to the higher vibrations. Take a minute and say to yourself these few things and pay close attention to how you feel, "I'm a loser, I have bad luck, I never get the job, no one likes me" how did you feel? Not good I bet. That's because they are of low vibration and the universe responds to it. Now stop and say more positive things, "I always win, everyone likes me, I always get the job, see the difference?!! Its pretty amazing actually. Things of a positive nature act from a higher frequency and this is how we change our environment. So be aware of what your saying to yourself. You only have bad luck because when you say it enough you actually start to believe it and the universe will keep sending you back bad luck, it's the law! Be kind to yourself! You are awesome!

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