The Boomerang Effect!

If the Universe responds to what we send out to it then we need to make sure we are sending out positive vibes. I believe this goes for anything we say or do. So be aware of how you react to certain situations. Did you ever hear someone say don’t go down to there level, well it's true, when someone is not acting the way they should be sure not to get onto their level, be sure to rise above, stay true to yourself because reacting is not in alignment with who you are and it sends negative vibes out into the universe and what goes out must come back! So basically this kind of behavior gets us nowhere, it doesn’t help us grow. It is true when they say be the bigger person. Don’t allow anything from outside of you to take you out of alignment. I use to think, does this mean, if someone treats me bad I have to take it? Absolutely not, but it does matter how you choose to respond and we always want to respond from a good place. In time, as you do the work on yourself, these moments will happen less and less because you're sending out positivity to the universe and what goes out must come back to you, so it speaks for itself. Start practicing this and start to see the change, not only in yourself but in the world around you.

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