The never ending Journey of Life

I love learning about the mind, body and soul. I love learning about who we are, what we are and most of all, why we are here, our purpose!

I came to understand through my Journey, and might I add that this is a journey that never ends. I came to learn that we all come from a loving source. I’ve learned that when at our best, we feel unstoppable, and powerful.

What seemed to happen overtime is that we lost ourselves. We let too much of the outside world affect us and we got weighed down by the many lower energies that are on this planet. It's not our true nature!

As I continue this Journey, I continue to let go of the many layers of the old false self. My vibration is rising and I am beginning to feel lighter and lighter. The mind chatter is getting less and less and my inner voice (intuition) is getting stronger and louder.

So many things that I used to think were important have vanished from my life. I still have days where I am feeling somewhat off, I’ll observe this now and ask why am I feeling this way? I have so many tools to overcome this and I also know that I am forever growing and improving myself. They come less and less and I've learned what it means to live in the moment and be present and they are some of my most peaceful days. That's when things started to happen in my life.

I always say, as long as I am coming from a place of love, then I am doing it right. I’ve eliminated so many things from my life. I never watch the news, I'm very picky about the shows I watch and I limit what I watch on social media. I fill my mind with knowledge of the mind and heart, Anything that can help me and others through this life journey!

My energy or vibration has gotten so high, I have so much more energy and I make sure I am using it for positive things, I don’t waste it on just anything. This gives me so much more time in my day!

I hope to help more people connect with the POWER WITHIN!

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