The Universe responds to how your feeling

If the universe responds to how we feel and gives us what we send out to it, then this means that if we are feeling positive, positivity will be sent back. If you are feeling sad, then the universe will keep sending you vibrations of that same emotion. Well this goes for anything in life. If you want a million dollars you need to truly feel like you already have the million dollars! You need to live a life of happiness in order to get that back from the universe. The secret is to act as if you already have what you want in life, consistently. On days you are not feeling it, let it go and stay present. Find ways to direct your thoughts to something more positive. Imagine in your mind something you desire and act as if its happening to you, imagine what it would feel like as if you had it in your life! The universe will only work with vibration so if you're truly in this feeling the only thing that can happen from here is for the universe to send it back to you. This is why I try to give tips on meditation and awareness to help people start manifesting happiness into their lives. The world will challenge us everyday, we all have the choice to handle it how we want to. Yes we will have days where we feel defeated but we need to learn ways to pick ourselves back up again.

Some tips for doing this, is to:

1. Send a nice message to someone, telling them how much you appreciate them, tell your kids, friends, and family members you love them. Things of this nature lift your spirit and your sending gratitude out into the universe!

2. Staying present and in the moment is another one that is important, staying present and not thinking about anything but what you're doing right then and there will stop your thoughts from traveling to a place that makes you worry or sad. Practice staying present every day. Thoughts are energy and they have the power to bring back whatever we're sending out, so if we keep thinking we're a victim, the universe will keep sending us more experiences to keep us in this victim mentality.

3.Overcome yourself by learning the tools to stay positive and react less in situations! Always remember you are in control of how you feel, do not let anything outside of you control you. If someone at work is being negative, learn to walk away and ignore them. If your child is having a fit and wants to get a reaction out of you, teach them how to be calm and send them love and peace.

People may say that this is not reality and no one can always be happy all the time, and I agree, I don't walk around smiling all day long. I have days where I fall out of alignment and lose myself but it's how I choose to get back up from that, and each time I do, it's another lesson I'm learning and it's only making me stronger. Our world challenges us everyday but we always have a choice to overcome these challenges or let it take us under. We can't get angry at ourselves on days when we let it bring us down. We need to get back up and move on! This is a practice, each time you do this, your life will start to change. When I’m faced with a challenge I sometimes go back in my old patterns but I quickly remember that this is not who I am anymore and if I want to overcome this challenge I need to do it from a place of love. Do not do anything out of anger or fear, this will only keep coming back to you and stop you from feeling the happiness and fulfillment that we all desire!

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