Thoughts take you out of the Present Moment

How quickly do our thoughts take us down that negative path….I know for me this can be so quickly and I sometimes don’t even realize I let it get that far.

I have learned to get back in the present moment a lot quicker. Sometimes I will be so deep in a negative thought I will forget what it was about in the first place, or how it started, I just know I don’t like the way I feel right now! LOW ENERGY! LOW VIBRATION!

I now know that this is just the outside world trying to control me again and It's up to me to get back into my bubble where I can raise my vibration.

This doesn’t happen to me as often but it still happens, I am human but I am always trying to discover new ways to get myself out of this quicker so I can help others! Each time, I look at it as a lesson for me to grow from and become more POWERFUL!

Power really does lie within the present moment, it raises your vibration instantly and keeps us away from our thoughts taking over.

Next time you're feeling a negative emotion, stop and get present, take out your phone, read something positive, make yourself a list of positive quotes, meditate, do the dishes, listen to positive music, dance. So many things can get us back in the present moment! Find ways to help you get back in it!

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