You won't Believe the person your becoming

It took me a year to shed my ego and step out of the program. This is when I started writing books, started my blog and now i'm working on a program to help others to step out of the program as well! When I look back to the person I was, I can't even believe it, to even imagine myself writing a book seemed so extremely far out of my reach. Then when I started writing my blogs I was so nervous about how people would react. I was so private and shy but overtime I got more confident and to the point I didn't care what people thought. I knew that what I was doing was good and from the heart! This is how our thoughts take over. We tell ourselves these stories and they are so false! You know who you are and that is all that matters! My newest and biggest obstacle now was making a video, I was so proud when I put my first one out there. I have done many in the past but always deleted them. I finally conquered that fear. Remember it's all about growth! You will continuously grow on this journey. You're constantly expanding your mind! You will look back and not even recognize the person you used to be, but she/he was under there the whole time, under all the conditions of the past!


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