Useless thoughts 

Studies show that we think about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day! Once you start being AWARE of these thoughts you will quickly realize how useless they are. You will soon understand and start to see that these thoughts consume your life. I use to think I needed my thoughts to get through life but this is far from the truth. Everything will still get accomplished and more once you realize this. The reason we don't want to believe this is because its uncomfortable for us to change, so we easily go back to the torture of our thoughts. We need to get past the discomfort of our thoughts and practice to live in the PRESENT moment. I promise, everything will still get done on your list of to do's but with ease and non stress. With practice you will slowly eliminate the amount of thoughts that take over your mind. It's ok to think, we just want you to be aware of those thoughts and eliminate the ones that are of no value to your well being and health! Direct your thoughts to a more positive nature. Just give it a try! Take it as a challange and make it something fun. I promise it will change your life for the best! Start by being AWARE of your thoughts and stop them before they get ahead of you. In the beginning, make lists if you have to or write out your thoughts. Once you start to eliminate your daily thought patterns, you see life differently. The ego starts to detach. You start to become the person you were meant to be!

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