We are Stronger than the Coronavirus!!!

I wanted to write my feelings on the virus and talk about what I am doing to get through this strange time. First and foremost I refuse to watch the news. We all know it gets twisted and it's rarely ever the truth. The news tends to sway towards the negative and when we put those things into our minds and continue to think like that, that is what the universe will keep sending back to us. It's all about the collective consciousness and what is being more dominant. It's no different then when you have a cult of some kind. These people are able to control a group of people into believing that what they are doing is best for them. Times like this we need to get in what I call our bubble of protection! Stay away from the news and social media unless it's positive. Fill your heart and mind with the positive that has come from this time. Family time, time off of work, even if that is all you can focus on right now, then let that be it. Everyone can find something to be grateful for!

I understand there are nurses, doctors and other people that still have to work under these conditions, I am one of them still out there working and interacting with patients but my positivity and knowing I will not get this keeps my mind, body and heart strong! I continue to stay in my bubble even at work. I know that I'm protected and safe. I believe we are powerful, way more than we give ourselves credit for. We can overcome this, if we stay positive and look out for each other. Start sending love and positivity out to the universe!!

Take time out to focus on the good things, think about how this has brought families close together and gave children a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Everything slowed down and that's what I believe needed to happen right now. I am a firm believer in like attracts like so the more we think that this can't hurt us the more it will not! Think positive, happy and healthy thoughts and if you can't even get there when it comes to the virus, then think about something that is positive in your life right now, everyone can find something in their lives that is positive. Stop watching the news and listening to all the negative things people are talking about!

The reason people overlook, or don’t believe in living their lives this way is because we became contaminated by the outside world. This goes for anything, not just the virus! This way doesn’t seem to be working anymore so why not try something different and new. I’m not asking you to do anything hard, I'm just asking for people to start understanding that we are way more powerful then we give ourselves credit for and we can change if we stay away from the negative and focus on the positive! If you're bored take time to go within, sit in quiet and release all thoughts! Let yourself drift off to sleep even if for 10 minutes. This is how we shed the layers of the old habits and conditions that we are addicted to! The old way surely isn’t working!

Positivity and love always wins!!!!

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