We can overcome physical pain once we start to overcome ourselves!

I understand this one may be very hard for people to understand. I want to explain this in a way to where everyone can realize how powerful their mind is and also how connected we are to this vibrational universe!

When we experience pain, it's from a low vibration, back pain, neck pain, headaches, even stomach aches. There is always an underlying reason for this. Stress in your life is usually the case. I do not get headaches anymore since I raised my vibration but when I think back to the days I did, it was always caused by something stressful in my life and not knowing I did it to myself by thinking about it over and over again. “What we focus our attention on, grows” well, this goes for a headache. How many times do you acknowledge a headache when you have one? Over and over! This goes for any pain in the body. If you just take your focus off of it, it will subside. My advice is to think of something positive. Ask the universe for a solution, if it's back pain, start yoga!

Did you ever notice some people have a high tolerance to pain? Take notice to those people. I see this alot in the field I am in. So many people come in with pain. The ones that have a high tolerance, have a belief system that they just don’t feel pain like other people. You can do this too!

When you're experiencing any type of physical pain, back, head, leg aches. Think about what is going on in your life, what are you holding onto? Take more time for yourself, talk to your emotions. Why am I feeling this, what do I need to let go, or work on in my life? Not to say we can’t get back pain from twisting or turning wrong, but remember, what you focus on will grow! So learn to focus on something else. Also, tell yourself, it is getting better!

Now when we cut our finger or or break a bone, yes this is different, but it doesn’t mean you cannot focus on something else to lessen the pain. This is a very good mindful practice if you experience this. Did you ever notice if you cut your finger at work or while you're super busy you don’t even notice the pain? It's because you're not thinking about it, you're distracted! It's all really simple. Now, don’t go breaking bones to test this theory out! Lol! But be aware of this next time it happens to you!

Also, did you ever notice when you're in pain, tooth pain, back pain or headache you're very irritable, and everything else around you seems to keep getting worse. This is because you're focusing on the pain, which is low vibration, which has you disconnected to your true self, and this means you're out of alignment! Once you're out of alignment it is hard to get back in alignment. Take some deep breaths and try to find something positive to focus on, close your eyes for a few minutes, or if you can, take a nap! This is all about practicing new and improved behaviors over and over until it becomes second nature to you.

None of this will ever work if you are not ready to step away from your old habits and behaviors! You also need to believe and trust. If you're reading this and saying no way this could be possible then guess what? Well, it isn’t! It's that simple. Believing and Trusting is all a part of the process of overcoming yourself!

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