We Create our own Reality, but your vibration depends on it….

We really are the Creators of our Universe. When I first discovered this over a year ago I was at a place in my life where I was seeking for something. When I took a look back at my life I realized that I really created the life I had up until now, good or bad! This was even before I knew about the law of attraction. Now I can look back and see that I was limiting myself. I was only asking for what I believed I could have. I didn’t think to ask for my purpose! God forbid I ask for too much, deep down I didn’t feel deserving! In reality all I really wanted was to find happiness in my life, whatever that meant. I was always seeking for something more.

So I did my research and I was amazed to say the least! From there the information just seemed to land in my lap. I knew that the universe was sending me what I was seeking. I was consumed by this information about the law of attraction and listened to so many teachers about it. I learned about the spiritual side but also the science part.

Soon after I started meditating, and when I say meditating I mean sitting there for so long trying to quiet the mind. I was determined to get this down quickly. I would always ask for my purpose in my meditations. I soon started writing my first book about Intuition. This was one of three books I would write. In the meantime I was learning how to step out of the program of low vibrations. The program that brainwashed us, told us we had to be and act a certain way due to society and the outside world and it disconnected us to our true selves. This program continues to trap people and I am determined to help more people get out of it. There is a much easier way to live our lives. The law of attraction will give us what we want, positive or negative. If we learn to raise our vibration we can have all the happiness, and abundance we deserve.

As I did the Inner work, sure enough everything around me changed. When I look back, I can see how this was all meant to happen. I feel it is my mission to help others step out of the old program, raise their vibration and find their purpose. The Law of Attraction works and when explained it's pretty simple. We are energy, we vibrate, so does everything around us, when we raise our energy to the positive higher frequencies, not only do we FEEL better, but we can have those things of that frequency, whatever that may be.

The tricky part about it, is that we easily go back to old beliefs, because we are so trained to do so. This is why working on yourself is so important, learning to live in the moment, grow your intuition, so you're listening to the inner voice and not the mind chatter, once it reaches the mind doubt sets in and that quick we crush it!

Some people may want to just find their purpose, some people may want fulfillment, some people may want to get out of the constant funk they are in. No matter what it is you are seeking, I can give you tools to guide you, but the key is overcoming yourself and these old beliefs! It's all about raising your vibration and living in the NOW! You just need to be ready to commit yourself.

If you work with me, I will be there with you to motivate and uplift you along your journey!

When you're stepping out of the old program of negative beliefs we need to let a lot of things go, we feel like we are losing everything we know. This is where COMMUNITY and SUPPORT play such a huge role. You are becoming who you were meant to be!

I know when going through my journey I just wanted someone to talk to that was going through this. I felt alone at times. I looked up life coaches, spiritual coaches but I was scared, so I kept doing it alone. One thing it made me do was research until I got to the point I was watching and reading the same things over and over again, but learning and growing continuously!

Having a community of people to help you through the hard times is going to be beneficial to help you manifest the life of your dreams, everyone will learn from each other. There is nothing better than when you're having a rough moment and you can reach out to someone right then and there and say I need some upliftment or advice! I believe we are powerful beings but a community can be so much more powerful!

I KNOW life can be amazing, but I also know that WE are in control of our own destiny and old habits do arise! I feel the pressure of society to this day. I changed, and yes, the world around me changed as well but I can totally tell when i’m off or disconnected to that greater part of who I am, but go back to my tools and techniques to get out of it. Life is a Journey but it's up to us on how we want that Journey to look, because we are in control!

*contact me when you're ready for a change*

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