We were all conditioned to be someone were not! 

We were all conditioned a certain way as children and we tend to continue this with our own children. We may change things up a bit and learn from mistakes our parents made but all in all we don't change much, we continue the traditions. Some of these conditions are so programmed in our minds that we go about life believing them. I bet most of you were taught you had to work really hard to make a buck. I know I was, my mom worked so hard and made no money. I remember looking at her paycheck when I was older and feeling so sad because she worked so hard. I was told by my parents that I wasn't college material, so being a young girl and told something consistently, I believed it. These are all ways we get conditioned. I want this blog to help people eliminate these conditions and become a totally different person. Become the person you always knew you could be, the person your meant to be.

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