What it means to have a LOVING TONE

When I tell people you need to watch your tone, this means to be aware of how you're speaking to others.

We all know and feel it when someone is talking to us out of frustration, or a time when we did the same. This is especially relatable to parents. If we are overwhelmed with something and our kid asks us for a drink or spills a drink we may act out in anger or frustration.

This is something to be aware of, and something that can dramatically change your relationship with not only your children but with everyone in your life. Remember you are the example to your children and they will learn conditions and habits from you!

We should also listen to others from a loving source. When someone is speaking to us about something, we should never get defensive, even if you may not agree. Be aware of how you respond to them. You can have an opinion but DO NOT get defensive and stay compassionate and loving.

I know someone reading this may say that this is so hard to do when we encounter difficult people in our everyday lives, but when we react to someone else’s negative behavior we are giving away our power and we go right back to the old conditions and habits!

Test this out and watch how you and the people around you change! Stick with it and Stay Consistent!

“One Person Can Make a Difference”

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