What you focus your energy on will manifest!

Some people don't realize that we are creators! Everything we have in this moment was created by yours truly! This is a wonderful thing if it's something you wanted in life, a new car, a great career, the house of your dreams. This isn't so great when it's something making us miserable or unhappy. If we have been at a job and every day we complain, well if we're not aware of this then it will only keep getting worse, that is how the law works, what you send out keeps coming back to you. This is why I want to help people wake up to this program that most of us are in. We can create the life we were destined to have by focusing our energy on the things we actually want to have in our lives! It doesn't have to be forced either. Once you send your desire out into the universe it will manifest into your life! As long as you're passionate about this desire and this is where your energy is focused, then it will manifest into your life!

I want to help people manifest happiness and fulfillment into their lives. This is where I focused my own energy for the last year. I believe from that comes abundance of all kinds of things! How did I achieve this, by going within. You're not going to find this from your job, home, puppy, husband or wife. You need to do inner work in order to do this. Yes, you can temporarily find the happiness in the car or home but it won't last. I repeat this saying a lot "nothing outside of yourself will make you feel fulfilled". Only YOU can make YOU fulfilled. Our soul is already complete, we just got programmed to believe that things outside of us make us happy and soon realize that is not it at all. It is ok to have things like nice cars, a big house and lots of money but you need to understand that those things will not fulfill you long term!

The power comes from within! So start placing your energy on Meditation, Awareness and staying Present! Then from there you will start to see the unbelievable changes in yourself and in the world around you.

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