When your off balance, take a nap

There will be days when your just off balance and you can't get yourself back in alignment. I found what helps me most is a nap. I never took naps before, but this has been a life saver. When something shakes your world, your kid is late for school or your stuck at work late, anything that may just take you out of alignment. You will wake up refreshed and recharged, and its like starting over again. You only need 10 minutes, or just close your eyes for a bit. We are human and no matter how much we work on ourselves there will be times in our lives were an event outside of us will affect us and you will try everything to stay focused and present but it will keep popping up in your mind. The fact that you are aware of this and you are trying to fight it is a sign that you are changing, just being aware of this is the act of changing and rewiring the brain. These moments will happen less and less, so don't be so hard on yourself, just take a nap....

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