Why is it so important to be the master of your mood?

Being the master of your mood helps you create a better life for yourself, and the people closest to you will benefit! When you're feeling good you're attracting good, when you're feeling great you're attracting great. It's really that simple. So what's the secret, DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! Get aligned with that good feeling, which means when you don't do the dishes, it's ok! When you don't clean the house, it's ok! When you didn't call or text someone back, it's ok! We are way to hard on ourselves. We feel this way because our world and environment has made us feel this way. Those things mean nothing to who you are and we let them control our mood! Did you ever hear the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" it's so true! Once you start to let these conditions go, your life will start to change.

I have a great story of how everything was just going great for me one day, I was feeling really good and in the flow. I went to the store, got a parking spot in the front! The line was so long around the whole store because of the virus, they were limiting people inside. Well it started to drizzle and me and my daughter got right in! Then when it was time to check out, the line was going all the way through the whole store to check out. A woman said, or you can use self checkout?? Haha! I couldn't believe the continuous good that kept coming my way! Your mood does really matter! Start practicing this. When you feel a negative feeling coming your way stop it before it gets worse. Tell yourself "it's ok" laugh it off, move on! The more you focus on being positive the more it will grow, you will start to look back and forget the person you were before. When I started this journey, I just wanted more for my life, I wanted to feel fulfilled but I discovered and I am discovering so much more! There is no end to our growth! Your mind will keep expanding!

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