Will I ever be Happy and Fulfilled!!??

You read the books, you did the meditations, you started a new routine, you tried everything and you're still feeling stuck!! You feel good for a week, or 2, maybe even 3 but soon enough you go back to the old feelings and emotions of the old patterns. People still trigger you and your still complaining and letting things bother you for days! I went through this but I was determined to break through this old program! I made it my mission to educate myself on everything I could. I read and listened to books over and over again. I put the work in passionately! I came up with a system that was practical, simple and fun. A combination of science and spirituality seemed to be the new way of living and honestly even thinking about it still amazes me that life could be this amazing!

The laws of the universe really do work for us and they have been here forever, we just got used to doing things through force and ego. We let the outside world pretty much control us, not even knowing that it was happening. For me, it started by knowing that I could be so much more than who I was today. I felt like I had this power in me that wasn’t being used properly. I went through a transformation and watched my life unfold before my eyes. I wrote 3 books with ease! I never once had writers block! That's because the universe pulled me, I wasn't forcing myself to write like I would do in the past. I was excited and driven to get up and write! I even found a publisher very quickly for my first book. I put it out there and let the universe do the rest. Days later someone reached out to me. So many things were happening for me! I want everyone else to be able to love their life this way, or anyone that is ready for a change, but I also want people that are ready. You have to put the work in, it will be challenging at times but having a community to go through it with will be amazing! I did this alone and I even researched spiritual coaches all the time. I would have done anything to have someone to help or guide me through this because no one in my life understood what I was going through. That is why I'm putting together this program! So if you're ready to commit yourself to yourself then this is the place you want to be. You can do this while working, or raising a family. I’m creating a private group for those who will be interested!! There are so many things I want to share and teach but the bottom line is that you need to want this for yourself! I will not force anyone to be ready! You can have it all!

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