You have a choice on how your going to feel today

As humans we make excuses, it's too hard, i’m still mad at him or her, my life sucks. In reality, we have the choice to think and feel however we want to. It's up to us to start our day with complaints or positivity. No matter rain or shine, you should be able to smile and find something to be happy about in your life.

A person or event does not affect how I feel anymore unless it's positive. I won’t allow the negative to come into my life as easy anymore because my health and happiness matter! If it is something I don’t want in my environment I walk away and look for something better or get present and in the moment. This goes for any thought that wants to try to get in my way!

We forget how powerful we are and how we can choose how we feel. Take your power back. At first it may not feel right, you're so used to this old program and your breaking out of it, but stick with feeling good more and more everyday and your life will start to change! Just keep moving forward! Don’t give up on yourself, you are worth it!!!!

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