Your Happiness depends on YOU!

Stop waiting for something outside of you to feel whole, we need to go within ourselves. It's really simple! We all know when we feel good on the inside, nothing can stop us. We get that natural drive to conquer the world, even something just as simple as food shopping or cleaning the house. This goes for anything that is happening in your life in the current moment no matter how bad. You need to find the positive in any situation and this can be hard for a lot of us because we're trained to feel victimized when something horrible happens in our lives. We need to start living as if the future already exists. So basically, whatever you want for your future, pretend it already is happening now. Live in the joy as if it occurred, be grateful!

I continue to talk about vibration because that is all we are, and that is what our universe responds to. So once we open our eyes to this, we will soon understand that we can have whatever we want. This is why I stress meditation, this helps us connect to ourselves from within, it helps us release the old conditions and habits. It helps us let go of our past, the things that make us feel like a victim and hold us back from moving forward. After we continue to meditate, you will already start improving your life. You will notice a difference in yourself. Then you want to make sure you are being AWARE of your thoughts, thoughts are also a vibration, so we need to make sure we are thinking positive ones. From here we start to plan our future, figure out what we want for our future. It's not about having a million dollars, not that you can't, but it's about having a real purpose, a real sense of fulfillment.

I know it seems as if I repeat myself in these blogs sometimes but it's only because I am so passionate about helping people change the way they think. I've had many obstacles in my life and I overcame them with positive thinking and always moving forward. I never asked for more, because of my conditions and environment, and I never felt deserving of certain things. I always knew deep down there was more to us than what we thought. There is more to life than just trying to get by. We need to enjoy and love every minute of this life, we don't need to be sad, depressed and angry. This is what we think, because we were taught this growing up. It's just habits! It's all about rewiring your brain. You may feel like a week, or even a month into this, this isn't working but trust me if you continue to do the work on yourself you will see amazing changes in your life! Yes, you will get challenged, but it's your choice on how you handle it.

Another tip along this process, this is a hard one sometimes, is to not let other people bring you down on your own personal journey, everyone has their own path, even your children. All we can do is lift people up, and guide them. We can support and send them positive vibes but the rest is up to them! I'm still learning to stay within when someone is having a bad day and never let them pull me in with them, so don't be hard on yourself when this happens. Learn from it and move on!

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