Your INTUITION will get stronger

I always felt I had a good sense of intuition throughout my life. I always followed my heart and I’ll never forget something my mom would always say about me “Kira does what Kira wants” I remember getting angry at that statement, but today I embrace it. I always listened to what my heart was telling me, I knew it was for my best! This is probably why I wrote my first book on Intuition.

During my journey my intuition has grown stronger, so much to the point that sometimes I talk back to it, like “I can’t do that right now” (don’t worry I don’t say it out loud) I am a very practical person and I like to work through things before I make any rash decisions. I will say that when we wait on listening to our intuition, fear becomes a big factor and we tend to start the thought process of why we shouldn’t listen. This is the old program getting back in! Your intuition is only looking out for your growth, not the growth of your best friend or family member, always remember that. They have their own intuition and guidance system! We tend to let the outside world interfere with our growth!

When you have a question that needs an answer, get quiet and listen! You will know the answer. Run through a scenario or two and listen to what feels right! Everyone knows what feels right when we are listening from the heart! Practice this in your life!

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